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A Bird Can Destroy

You are a cute little bird who can't fly. But you can collect bombs and hammers.

Enter The Warp Zone!

The Warp Zone is useful for rest or trade with merchants.

Infinite randomly generated levels!

Levels become more and more difficult. How far can you go without dying?

Play directly from your browser from any device!

You can play it using any browser with HTML5 support (Chrome recommended).

Now with online leaderboard!

Choose your username and password and when you die your score is automatically submitted online!

In-Game Controls

A / rotate left = Move left

D / rotate right = Move right

W / slide up = Jump

ESC = Restart level

Click / tap on a brick = Brick smash

Double click / tap = Drop a bomb

Everything made by one italian guy! - Pizza language website - Other games made by me (more coming soon!)

"It has birds. 10/10"

~ A Random Guy, PC Gamer


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Hey, I made this game called Bitverse Blox. I'm looking for new IPs to join the game. Maybe Warp Bird could be in the game? :D

Here's the link if you wanna check it out:



Cool game! :D

Thanks! :D

You're welcome! :D